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two modems

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When we had an electrical storm in July my modem and many others in my area were hit via the telephone line and had to be replaced. New one installed and old one removed. Fine, although we kept getting messages at boot up that windows was trying to install modem and looking for software, drivers etc although we did have connection. However since then connection to the web has deteriorated gradually with pages not available and all sorts of error messages until we decided to get a computer expert in to look at it. This was fine for a few days until Freeserve decided to disable our Anytime connection. On registering again with Freeserve we are back on the web, but can only connect to the web if first we go into device manager and delete offending modem.
Where else do we need to delete the modem from in order to avoid this annoying scenario.
Thanks in advance.
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you might need to delete this modem in the
control panel>modems
if you have not already
Once you r in the control panel click on modems
then click on every modem on the list above the add and remove buttons and remove them one by one
Then click add and a wizard will come up and install the modem that is on the system
Good Luck

If Windows is asking for the driver you'd go into Device Manager; Double-click the Commumications device there with the yellow exclamation point; Click the Driver tab; then click the Update Driver button; Put a checkmark next to the Radio button next to 'Specific Location; and point the wizard then to the floppy or CD that came with the new modem that contains the driver and follow the on-screen instructions.
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