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Two computers in Network not allowing access

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We have a small office.
We have about 6 computers.
All machines are
8 gb ram
6 computers wired
2 computers using router.
All connected using a switch

2 of the computers on the network will not communicate? (These are wired machines)
What would be the reason?

Each of them will access all the other computers on the network

Thank YOu
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So what you are saying is that two of the computers on your network cannot 'see' or communicate with each other? What happen if you ping each other using both the network name and ip address?

Can you confirm that both computers have been configured to allow file and printer sharing and that Network Discovery is enabled?

Also provide the results of the ipconfig /all command for both:
Confirm both computers have the settings
Both ping each other just fine
OK so what is the problem exactly? Please provide examples, errors or screenshots
Error message is here
I think it is attached?


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OK but that is a permission denial not a connectivity issue. Bring down the firewalls on both the machines and test that way. If both have security software, it sometimes implements its own firewall and disables the Windows firewall, so you will need to bring down or disable that one instead.
Ok, disabled both firewalls and it still would not connect.
I checked they both have AVG protection and do NOT have a firewall being used by that program.

Not sure what else to do?
In the advanced system settings of both the computers, make sure that Remote Desktop connections are enabled (without restrictions), then try to RDP to each computer in turn from the other.
Did that and I still cannot see the other computer when I click on Network computers
Windows Home versions allow five simultaneous accesses. Pro (or Business) versions allow ten. If some or all your computers are Windows 7 Home Premium you may be running into that limit.
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