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TV screen no longer shows my desktop display

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hi guys,
first post, recently joined the forum. Hope this is the right topic to post under.

I have an ASUS UX305UA laptop. I used to always connect my laptop to my TV through a mini-HDMI cable, and mirror my desktop onto my TV.
However, recently that has stopped working.

Whenever I connect the miniHDMI cable to my laptop, I know it's been detected, as my screen 'blinks' for a second. When i check my display settings (which I have attached), I can see that there are two screen available, and that it can detect my panasonic TV as my second screen. But when i click on the 'identify' button, my laptop screen shows 1|2, and my tv remains blank.

I checked the display drivers, and there was no need to update them.

How do I solve it to be able to display my desktop on my TV again?
Any help is much appreciated!

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Odd that it's choosing "50hz" (unless you are in the UK).

Does the TV have another HDMI port? If so, it may be worth testing on a different port. Not uncommon for ports to fail (partially fail), especially if they are often being connected/disconnected.
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