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tv-out won't work

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Hi I can't seem to get my tv to show a picture.I have a Winfast 3D S325 TV-OUT card.700mhz processor 64mb ram.New lead connected but when I click on tv in output device and select uk etc and press apply or ok I get a popup saying windows will resume in 15 secs if it does not display properly and this is what happens.Nothing changes on the tv at all.The cable is svideo which connects to scart and into the back of the tv.Anyone got any ideas.Your help would be much appreciated.I can't figure out why it doesn't work.
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This might help, from the Leadtek website,


1.) The maximum TV-out resolution is 800x600 (in most models), you may need to lower the display resolution down to 800x600 to activate the TV-out control. (depend on the driver version and model)
2.) A simple way to check the TV-out hardware is to set the display resolution to 800x600, shut down the system, disconnect the monitor, connector the TV set to the TV-out. Boot up the system. This will force the display switches to TV-out, if the TV-out function is working as it should, you will see display on the TV screen.
3.) NT 4.0 user, the above method will allow you to force TV-out enable in NT 4.0
4.) A few models of the WinFast graphics cards only come with S-video TV-out, if your TV only can take RCA signal, you will need to use a S-video to RCA converter cable. These cables are commonly available in your local electronic stores. We also tested the cable offer from and it works nicely. DO NOT use the S-video to RCA cable from your old graphics cards, a lot of time these cables are specially designed. It may not work.
5.) If you got a Black & White picture on the TV screen, make sure you have selected the correct TV-out method (S-video or RCA) and format (NTSC or PAL).

Good Luck
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Thanks for the reply.I tried disconnecting the moniter but I still had no picure on the tv.Could the card itself be faulty?I would have thought there would be other problems if this is the case.Any other ideas?
Does your remote for your TV have a "LINE" button?

If so - press it to hit Line 1. Usually (with my experiences) you can get a picture as long as your TV is set to Line 1.

Hope that helps. :)
Not really sure what you mean by a line button.The card is recognising the tv because i can click on the tv button or monitor button in advanced setings in display properties but it reverts back after 15 seconds.Is this standard?
Sorry - let me clarify.

It sounds like your connection (physically) is fine. What I am suggesting has to do with the television. When you turn the TV on, what channel do you have it set to in order to view your PC?

Take a look at your television remote control. (Better yet - if you have your TV manual handy.) See if there is a button on the remote that is labeled "Line" or "Line 1" or "Line 2". If so, press it and see if you can now view your PC on your TV.

Many televisions do not let you "view" your PC unless you have the TV set to "Line 1" or "Line 2".

Hope that clarifies a bit. And hope it helps. :)
I don't have those buttons on my remote but I have put the tv on the video channel and also have tuned through the whole range and still no joy.This is really weird.Any other ideas?

Do you happen to have a VCR with a "Line" option on the remote?

If you do (and feel like trying it), it might be worth trying to see if you can hook everything up to the VCR, then the TV.

Other than that, I am afraid I'm out of ideas aside from trying a different cable. :(
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