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turn off notification sound for app not listed?

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All the "how-to"s all mention about where to change the setting, but they never mention about Changing The Notification for the App not listed under the setting.

Can anybody tell me how to turn off the notification sound for ONE specific program? Thanks
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Please tell us the name of the app in question.
i turned the sound off in MightyText setting, but I still get the sound from the windows system
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Right click on the name of the program in the Notifications and choose Go to Notification Settings. It should go to the settings for the program

Next, uncheck pay a sound:

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If you don't get the notifications now, then you will need to go to Settings > System > Notifications and then scroll down to the app in question and click on it.
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Courient, thank you for your effort to make the attachments for me to see clearly the instructions.

However, I am using desktop app, but not web app. There is no GoToNotification for rightClick
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