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turn a gif into a screensaver

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I have WinXP.

I have a cute .gif and was wondering if anyone knew a way to use that gif file as my Windows screensaver.

I know there are a lot of free screensaver maker software, but i don't want viruses or spyware. Is there some way to tell Windows to use this gif file as my screensaver without installing special software?

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Thanks for writing TRS Vet and Squashman.

Just wondering if anyone knew how to turn a .gif into a .scr without using 3rd party software?

thanks for writing.

I didn't want to use another program because i was worried about spyware and viruses. I was hoping Windows/Microsoft had a way to convert a gif into a scr by using Visual Basic Editor or PowerToys or something like that.

So I guess not.
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