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TSG calendar

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We used to be able to add things to the TSG calendar but I just tried and it will not work.

But clicking on Add New Event
Single, All Day Event Single
Ranged Event
Recurring Event

Just gives me...
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So it this not working any more or what?
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Well I used it a couple of times in the pass. Has to work still because you added to it about the radio show.
Sorry Mike I was not doing thing right.
You now have the Calendar Jump so you need to click on the dropdown and pick Private

I just posted but seeing how it does say Private can you see my post?
Can you see just the message on the Private calendar and click on it to read the message?
Ok that was what I was thinking that the Private are just that. Guess it would be good for Marlene to keep everyones birthdays in that don't have it show there birth date in the Calendar.

You know having it so anyone create public events may be nice but that is something your have to test out. Lots of people here so it could get out of hand. But I guess with you only seeing the subject then it would not make the Calendar look bad.

Hey how about buddy list for the Private Calendar? Could that be done somehow?
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