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TSG Attacked 3/21

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We were thrown a syn flood to our web server tonight. Since it flooded the whole connections, it took a while to narrow down what was going on. Hopefully we've got this guy bottled down for a bit now. :)

As always, feel free to visit for updates when available.

And someone wipe that target off our servers! ;)
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Well, he's still sending attacks this way... let's just hope we can keep holding them off. :)
Probably not his IP, it's spoofed, but we're working on it. ;)
Our new "Patriot Act" allows for 5-10 years of prison for breaking into a computer... He didn't break in, though -- just interrupted services. Not sure about the sentence, though. We could press charges ourselves, but the FBI would probably take over it over as it would be a criminal case.
Looks like we're not likely to get much love from the FBI as our outage didn't cause the $5000 minimum damage required by the law. Ah, well. Logs were sent anyway for future reference. Looks like the attack just stopped a bit ago, too. Must have realized that it wasn't working anymore. :)
Ah, that's just it: they can't now. The attack was still going on for about an hour after I posted this thread and we were back up and running. :) So we're good until they find another way to attack. Then I'll forward the logs for that one, too.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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