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TSG Attacked 3/21

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We were thrown a syn flood to our web server tonight. Since it flooded the whole connections, it took a while to narrow down what was going on. Hopefully we've got this guy bottled down for a bit now. :)

As always, feel free to visit for updates when available.

And someone wipe that target off our servers! ;)
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Been wondering why I didn't see a thread in TSG yesterday asking "hey, why was the site down?". Finally found this, lol...

If I understand the situation correctly, it was a DOS attack, right?

For those who may not understand: Basically, they flooded the servers, disalllowing anyone from being able to access the site. This would not involve getting "into the system" though. So you shouldn't have any worries other than TSG possibly being momentarily down again in the future. ;)

And as much it would nice to do, I think the chances are 0% that charges could be pressed, even if you happen to know who this individual is (unless your running a business that is dependant on your site). Unfortunately, this kind of crap happens on a daily basis to different websites, big and small.
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