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Trying to copy music tapes to my hard drive

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I'm trying to copy some old music tapes to my hard drive, after which I will burn them on a CD; but for the moment I can't seem to get any input into the Recorder. I have MusicMatch Jukebox Plus, Nero, Real One Player, Sound Blaster's Creative Mixer and the Recorder, and I am using a Windows 98, so I also have Win's Media Player, the Sound Recorder and the Volume Control--all this and absolute silence. The tape player I'm using the Karaoke "The Singing Machine," and running my line from the speaker jack to the mick jack on the tower. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to record on to my hard drive?
I have an info sheet from MusicMatch that says to open "my Windows Mixer," but I don't have a Windows Mixer (or do I?), so I used Creative Mixer and followed the instructions until I came across "From the Recorder Setting screen in MM JUkebox Options/Setting/Recorder choose Recording Source and select Line-in or Mic in. Click OK. " I don't really know what the "screen in" means or how you jump from the Recorder Settings to Music Match. Ahhhh.
Any help would greatly be appreciated . . . very much so. This is not a task for an Alzheimer patient.
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HI there, xico,

I'm gonna ask the Moderator to move this to the proper place where you will get a better response to your questions, OK?

Be patient and some one will address your woes.... :)
Okay, R T! Thank you. I wondered about that.
magix audio cleaning will have to pay for it but its excellent.lets you digitally re-master your old albums and scratched singles.put em on tape and its a breeze.,23008,3325923,00.html
Thank you $teve for the info. I will check it out for sure. I liked the Lady Astor and Churchill banter too. I don't know why Lady Astor's a target, but I heard one years ago where the Duke of somehwere asked Lady Astor if she would go to bed with him for a million pounds. She said, "Of course." The Duke said, "How about 5 shillings?" Lady Astor replied, "What do you think I am?" The Duke said, "We've already established that. Now we're quibbling about price."

Anyway thank you for the info.
Here's a free application that I can heartily recommend:

I use this to record LP's. It has tools for cleaning up clicks and pops from LP's and hiss from tapes.

I don't know all of the music applications you listed, so I'm not sure what you're trying to do can't be done with what you have. I don't think I would bother with windows sound recorder, though.

One thing I would do. Instead of taking the signal from the speaker jack, isn't there a line out or some other output (RCA plugs) instead? Then you can plug it in to the line in jack on your sound card instead of the mic jack.
The free/trial version of Goldwave has very limited recording capabilities.

CDex (free quality ripper) has a "Tools -> Record from Line-In" feature.
You can encode/save the recording to WAV or MP3.

Though you should also be able to do this with Creative Recorder.

The Windows mixer is the volume control applet, accessible via double clicking the little yellow speaker icon in your systray (next to the clock).

If it's not there, I'm not sure what your Windows OS is, but go to Control Panel -> Sounds & Audio (WinXP), Sounds & Multimedia (Win2k/ME), Multimedia (Win9x), and checkmark "show icon on taskbar" (or words to that effect)

First, make sure Line-In is available and the volume level is set according to taste.

If it's not there, go to:
Options menu -> Properties and checkmark it in the list of available playback items.

Now go to: Options -> Properties
select: Recording
Make sure line-in is checkmarked in the list
Click Okay
Now select Line-in as the active recording channel, make sure "mute" isn't checkmarked, and set the recording level.

You should now be all set to go, no matter which software you use.

Oh, and sure, naturally you'd get even better results if you had an SPDIF bracket and used the Digital-in method (instead of standard Analog-in)
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Hi have a look here think it might help;)
Hi xico,yet another site you might like to have a look at :D
Hi for the benefit of the forum,this can now be marked as solved,xico sent me a private email and all is well,the above site provided all he needed..... ;)
Thank you all. You have been very, very helpful, and have opened up a storehouse of possibilities and knowledge. Thank you very much. Yes, the problem is pretty much solved.
Keep in touch xico and let us know how you get on with your project if you will :D if you need any further help dont hesitate to ask ....
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