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Wow. this is pretty bad.

It was unbearabIy slow running, so in Safe Mode,
I ran Malware Bytes Anti-Malware and there were about 30 infected files.

Mostly MyWebSearch files, but there were 2 Trojan Vundo's under Internet Explorer.
I just removed everything that was checked.

I also ran CHKDSK and there were TONS of bad Clusters. I've never seen so many before.

This significantly improved the startup time and it is much faster, as it was moving and freezing alot.

But my problem now is with the internet connection.

I'm just switching computers and using the same monitor, and there is nothing wrong with my computer.

But for some reason her computer has a "automatic private address" and an IP that begins with "169.254".

and this is a problem, because I've been putting programs on my flash drive and installing them on the infected computer because that's the only way with the internet acting up.

I think there still might be problems so here's a HijackThis log.

I'm completely stumped.


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