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Trouble connecting via Ethernet

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Recently changed my router and as I was trying to get my things set up I realized I wasn’t online. I decided to connect directly from the router to my computer with an Ethernet cable (since my motherboard doesn’t support a Wi-Fi connection) and now it’s giving me a “Ethernet Doesn’t Have A Valid IP Configuration” message. I have tried with my friends many different ways we saw online to try to fix this but still nothing. Please help I’m really frustrated, I believe it’d be easier if we talked on a call so here’s my discord . Thanks so much!
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Does your internet service provider support the replacement "router" that you have?
A detailed description of it would be helpful to the networking experts here.

Hello and welcome to TSG!!

First, all tech help is to be provided in the forums, not privately.

Are you still using the same modem? Try to power cycle modem, router and PC, waiting until each, in turn, has fully powered up.
I believe it'd be easier if we talked on a call so here's my discord
Sorry but all assistance is to be done here on the message boards as per the site rules. A Moderator has edited your post to remove the contact information. :)
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