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Hi! Thanks in advance for any help you may provide:up:

I have a P5K VM motherboard with one PCI-Express slot, and integrated graphics using the G33 chipset (VGA out). I also have a ATI 4850 with dual DVI out. And I have (old) PCI VGA card, using the standard windows vga driver.
OS = Windows 7.
EDIT: Windows 7 apparently support multiple display drivers using WDDM 1.1. Awesome! From HERE.

Two monitors on the 4850 not an issue.

In bios, graphics options are:

I am assuming IGD - integrated, PCI - PCI..., PEG - PCIeXpress?

The only one that works properly is the PEG/PCI, PEG/IGD first option. (Although from memory IGD works without any cards in).

With PCI as the first option it works sort of, i.e the monitor connected to the pci card shows the POST stage, then goes a bit funny in windows (like unsupported driver funny, but to be expected on the ati or default win driver).

When it is set to PEG/PCI, the vga adapter shows in device manager, but has - "The device cannot start (code 10)." The monitor does not turn on during POST.

Using the IGD options do not work either.

How do I get the three monitors to function properly, if no two sources show up during POST them I'ts not even to do with the drivers yet?

Does each graphic adpater need to use the same driver?

I do not want to use the triple monitor device as I wish to have each monitor independant.

Any help would be much appreciated!:)
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