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Hello all
At present I dual boot Win XP SP3 and PCLinuxOS Gnome.
My disk setup is
Internal 250 Gb master set up as 133 Gb for XP and the rest for storage of files etc, both NTFS
Internal 200 Gb slave set up as a logical partition with partitions 12 GB /, 4 Gb swap, 64 GB /home,
all ext4 according to /etc/fstab, and the rest as NTFS primary partition for more storage of files etc.
Boot up is taken care of by Grub, when I can select booting into XP or PCLinuxOS.

I would like to triple boot with what I have now and with Windows 2000.
Would it be feasible to do as follows :
Create a new partition on the master hdd after XP by shrinking WinXP and install Win2000 to this. I would assume that this would overwrite the mbr and would thus only boot Win2000. If this is the case, could the mbr be reset from the PCLos live CD so that Grub would pick up XP, 2000 and PCLos and allow booting to either of these ?
At present I use Win2000 in a virtual machine within VirtualBox, but this is not really satisfactory, which is why I would like to boot 2000 on the hdd.
I definitely do not want to have to wipe the hdd and reinstall everything.
I have asked in Linux forums and been advised that my query would be better dealt with in a Windows forum.
Any advice gratefully received.

Pentium 4 dual core 3019 MHz
MSI KT6V-LSR (MS-7021) mobo
Nvidia GeForce 7950 GT 512Mb RAM
master SATA hdd Maxtor STM3250820AS 250Gb
133 Gb WinXP SP3 61 Gb free
100 Gb empty partition NTFS
slave SATA hdd WDC WD2000JD-00HBB0 180 Gb
80 Gb Linux, / 12Gb, swap 4Mb, /home 64Gb
103.5 Gb NTFS partition, 75 Gb free

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I have never done exactly that but have pretty extensive experience multi-booting Windows versions.

First, do the partition creation, as you stated.

Since you already have XP and Linux dual booting, I would recommend making a copy of the MBR using MBRWORK or equal. Backup the entire first track also.

After verifying that I had ample backups for all occasions, I would install Win2k. That will rewrite your MBR so you'll now likely boot directly to Win2K.

Now boot to the MBRWORK boot floppy and restore the MBR from your backup.

If that works, you should now be getting your old boot screen back. Boot to XP to test. Then try the grub boot repair or install some freeware boot manager. That will allow you to direct your boot process to any installed system.

Sound reasonable but I can't guarantee it since I haven't done it. If you get a couple more opinions that agree, I'd feel better. ;)

I wouldn't hesitate to try it on my computer but I have a backup system that allows me to do risky things without fear. I wouldn't try it without that.
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