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Is that Blair guy just too cool for words, or what!!!---those of you who haven't heard his address yet, be sure to catch it in it's entirety and not piecemeal sound bite snippets. TRULY INSPIRING!!---kinda makes me think of moving 'cross the ocean. ;)
He really tells it like it is point by point, fact by fact--irrefutable logic---no backing down, no politicalese--would that we had a man at the helm who could do 1/10th as well.
Now I don't want to excessively denigrate our poor little "shrub",--(gotta love that Molly Ivins turn of phrase)--and I do support the OFFICE of the President--but, he just doesn't inspire much confidence. :( There just isn't any way around it--the only consolation is that by the grace of God, he did manage to pick about as capable a cabinet of time-tested, experienced people as could be expected. (However, I certainly would not have objected if Rudy had been put in charge of homeland security once his term was up!!--maybe even Jessie V. in a pinch--those Navy Seals really know how to get the job done right!!)
Be that as it may, it was certainly neat to hear the speech of a real leader for a change!!---That was truly MUST-SEE T.V.!!
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