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Tons of Windows Vista customizations and tweaks!

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I hope a moderator/admin can sticky this as it's a great find.

You'll find hundreds of tweaks and add-ons to customize Vista to your liking.
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alot of helpful info there thanks...
Very useful....Here is another great customization that all online gamers...or anyone on the internet will enjoy. Less lag spikes for all...and all have a good night
Great find - thanks for making it sticky . . . daveb..
Oh those were really useful links mang, thanks a lot =)
AWESOME !... i really find this helpful ... really thanks alot guys :))
thank you I love this site howtogeek. it is beautiful and have a great hints
great find im always getting bored of the same old windows look...

time for a change!
There seems to be useful info in this link... Keep up the good work.
alot of this stuf works with windows 7
I got this last month, it has alllot tweaks and tips for my windows vista but I like this link Disable Shortcut Icon Arrow Overlay in Windows Vista more than ever for removing the desktop icon arrow, now there is no single arrow remained on my desktop icon
21 - 40 of 53 Posts
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