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to many running processes?

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i have been trying to play a game on my dell:rolleyes: and the game is halo
the game minimum cpu speed is less than 800MHz and this ones is 3,000
the game still laggs all the time even with all of the other programs closed and i am thinking i have too many running processes .... i think i have about 40 normally running is this too many?

and how many need to be running for the game and the computer to run without any thing else?

any help aprecaited :)
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Try and check your startup list here and see if it is required.
Maybe you have found your problems.

The best way is to post a HijackThis log and let an expert look at it for you.

Post a HijackThis Log

Before you post a HijackThis log

Important: Create a folder on the C: drive called C:\HJT.
You can do this by going to My Computer (Windows key+e) then double click on C: then right click and select New then Folder and name it HJT.
Unzip HijackThis into this folder.
If required a tutorial is here = HijackThis Folder Tutorial

Download Hijack This to your desktop open it and click on the Hijack.exe it will open and use the default path, check do you wish an on Icon and choose scan system and save a logfile usually in notepad.....copy and paste the logfile in your next post, using Ctrl+A to copy All and Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste.

Do not Fix any entries with HijackThis yet

An log Expert will help you after you posted your log

If you think your post has got lost click on the red triangle on the right-hand side of your post and request your post be moved to the Security Section.
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