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Tiger Question

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I just bought my first Mac, a mac mini, and I have some questions. I am able to change the size of the text in my browser, but my screen is fairly small and I have to scroll across to see everything being displayed. How can I reduce the size of the Desktop, etc. so everything shows?
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Hey guy :)

Guess need to ask a few questions, and suppose that you are talking about scrolling from side to side, horizontally:
resolution setting?
monitor size?
suppose that you have your browser window maximized?
does this happen at all sites that you visit?
with all browsers [safari and/or Firefox, etc.]?

Click the bright blue apple at top left...
Click system prefs...
Click on displays [hardware, 2nd row]
Click on display - what is the res selected?
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lol,,, tell ya what, that d/l and then the cleanup of the dmg's,,, that took some learning to do ;)

What size monitor are ya using?

Was looking at mac mini's, but since didn't have a flatscreen monitor, for the cost of both, figured could get an iMac, w/ larger HD and faster/powerful chip, for not too much more. So, far, you like pretty well? :) Dashboard is :cool:
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