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Thunderbird Calendar -- Category Display

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After I updated my Mac to Ventura 13.0.1, the category display in the Thunderbird Calendar (Lightning) changed. Formerly the category color displayed across the entire date. Now it displays the color of the calendar with just a thin strip of color for the category on the right. I'd like to return to how it was but cannot find a setting that does this in the. calendar.

Please see the uploaded file techGuy_CalendarQuestion.pdf


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Additional info:
1. Thunderbird version 104.4.2 (64 bit)
2. Why does the 18th (see uploaded document) display with the blue banner and blue background?

The only things I could find are relating to 2020 and before, so it may/may not work.

If you look here, it explains about the config editor:

In there, can you see a row called:


If so, is it set to false? If it is, see if it works by changing it to True.

If that doesn't work, there is an add-on here, but apparently according to the comments, it may not work for the latest versions of TB:


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Hi Eddie,
Thank you for reacting to my post.
All the options I can find following the leads end up telling me that the options offered do not work with my version of Thunderbird, 192.6.1. All the tweaks and options offered are for much older versions of Thunderbird. Just one more example of how installing updates can lead to frustrating results -- also for OSes.
Having said that, it does not diminish my appreciation for your reaction.
Hi Andynic

I know what you mean about updates, I try to hold off updating some of my programs as I know that the newer versions just don't do the same as the current, much easier with applications as opposed to OSes that force you.

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