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Thread appears but nothing there

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I see this in the Hardware section of the forum. Apparently people responded but all I can see is the poster's profile.
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Yes Liz, we are aware of this. It's because the user edited the post and title to erase everything after those people replied. It shouldn't happen that a thread could remain without a title at least and I've brought that up with the new owners. However, you can still access it by clicking on the date and time of the post.
Thank you.
I continue to learn something new daily!!!
So it seems this platform can only restrict users from editing titles completely or they can erase everything so there's no minumum number of characters unfortunately. If we restrict users from editing titles we will get a lot more reports to edit them because of typos or for other reasons so it doesn't warrant making any changes at this time. If you see one though, kindly report it so a Moderator can add something in the title field even if it's inactive to avoid confusion. :)
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One step forward, two steps back ... ;-)
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