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thought it would be better

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I recently brought a new pc, I have been wanting one for ages and haven't had the money. However Argos gave me the opportunity to pay the £500 over a year period with a special 0% interest card. I would have prefer to build my own but I'm terrible at saving so the card really helped me. I looked at the specs and thought for the money I'm paying surely I'm gonna get decent fps.

The specs are
CPU and Memory:

  • AMD A10 quad core.
  • A10-7850k.
  • Processor speed 3.7GHz.
DVD optical drives:

  • Dual layer.

  • Shared graphics.
  • AMD Radeon HD .
The only games I play are league of legends and occasionally CSGO. On high setting I was getting around 42 fps on league and in team fights dropping to 25. As well as that when changing the graphic setting ( eg medium low very low) the fps doesn't change it stays between the 40-50 mark. I wasn't expecting when buying the pc to have 200+ fps but I thought it would be better than that. I use to play on a ****ty i3 laptop that had similar fps to that so you can see my disappoint when I will be spending £500 for this. I just wanna know if there is any point in me keeping this or is there something that is wrong. I just want a bit of help cause I don't quite understand why its performing so poorly?
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The problem is you're using the graphics in the APU. While AMD's integrated graphics are usually better than Intel's they're still not enough for intensive gaming.

Depending on the motherboard and size of your PC case, you may consider buying a graphics card.

P.S. And honestly £500 for this? You really got ripped off. My previous FX-6300 build didn't cost me half of what you've paid.
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