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thin client DIY help configuring?

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Hi all,

So, I have a passion for DIY'ing just about everything! yet I believe I am in over my head on this one. I purchased a refurbished thin client. Seller referred me to product support site. Product support videos and guides confuse me with unfamiliar terms. This is becoming a challenge attempting to configure to network as the desk top looks completely 1980's to me(shrugs shoulders). Not the installed windows10 desktop i expected. Issue: guide me/suggest (overly simple(elementary level) configuring thin client to home network, internet & remote client access. I think. In other words. I want to be able to turn on this computer, log on, have usable recognizable icons installed/established on desktop screen. As I type this there are two icons "default ICA" & "default RDP"(had to google those letters). The task bar has a desktop and connect manager button?
Any brave tech warriors out there? tyia
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You understand that "Thin Client" isn't a normal computer right? All of the software is stored on a remote server. The "Thin Client" connects to that server to get and run the software. Do you have a server up and running?
Hi @Oddba11 ,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I understand a thin client operates differently from standard home use cpu. No, I do not have a server. It was my expectation to benefit from added security of thin client to connect remotely to a client server i contract with to work from home. Plug in IP info and other stuff then voila! What am I missing? Help fill in my knowledge gaps please. Thank you
This is a project you're not going to get very far on. You'll need software which will support thin clients and that software is not free nor cheap. An example is VMware Horizon. You then need a server with the hardware capable of supporting thin clients. I've worked in enterprise IT circles for quite a long time. Large organizations with big budgets and large IT staff have challenges implementing thin client/VDI systems. I'm not looking to come off as insulting but if you're asking on a forum, you're not at the stage in your IT knowledge to learn about this on your own.

I have all the pieces to actually implement a VDI/thin client setup at my home. But I haven't done it before and just don't have the time now to devote to such a project as I have a bunch of other projects I need to complete.
Thank you @zx10guy,

Attempting this Without support, you're correct! Hence, my post on this forum. (Comments received as helpful)Thank you for responding. Wishing you speedy success with your other projects. As a neophyte the vocab is daunting yet I am making headway (with support from company contractor and this platform). I'm happy to now know my IP address. Will continue working to complete internet access. Hardware support line helped me create chit list

Oh and in my experience most DIY'ers take on projects for experience and cost savings versus ease of tasks involved(smile).
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