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Well this is more like a warning more than a story...

Well december 2003, I have bought a MuVoNX256MB. Yes I was extremly happy. :cool: Well from the start I knew the hardware wouldnt last long. Yep, and it didnt last too long. In the time I had the my NX while it was still working. I was wondering about the frame work of the piece of hardware. It was cheap plastic. Then I thought about the Ipod. Which is metal. Then I just worried my NX will die out soon(reading the article from maximumpc which quote The external wont last long in the real world quote. So I beggan to take care of it more. Yet a week or so ago. My precious NX has died out. Not completly, but has came to a "malfunction" I got it to work again real soon, but the same problem occured again, and again, and again, and about 25time more. What am I gonna say AGAIN 25x? Back to the subject... The NX had slowly I mean SLOWLY died out. Eventually came to a point I just gave up. I have sent letter to maxiumpc the topic the go, is a uh-oh. Yes, I have contact the CreativeLabs which only 1 out 2 email response was actually helpful. The other was something that I didnt know why they sent the email to me. So numerous times I have tried to reconfig, reinstall, update, driver, blah blah blah.... and have no luck what so ever.

Am I sad? Yes
Will I get a new mp3 player yes. THE IPOD MINI!
Still like I said from the start.... The NX have very very bad frame work. Plastic.
Hopfully the Ipod will last longer.
The warrenty on MuVoNX is only 3 months long. Unlike the orignal MuVo which is 1 year long. I have had my worries on the warrenty too.

Feel free to coment about this topic, and the story. Just to note MuVoNX is not for durablity its not super portible. For the first time mp3 buyers. Go get the IPOD, the Dell JukeBOX, ZenUltra... NX is not for you! Seriously or any oher cheap plastic made frame work of the product. IPOD has metaloid frame work, which I believe it will last me a long sweet time
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