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The most simple question but the hardest solution

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My problem simply is that my computer doesn't recognise I have a sound card. It shows I have one in the devices but does not use it (eg no devices listed in sound control panel apart from the modem)

This is not an issue because most programs don't seem to ask for one, however when using the web none of the embedded players will output audio. This is infuriating and I have been unable to find any way of solving this through google or other forums.

I have called the computer supplier -
They claim they installed the computer in the wrong order and it would need re doing and wiping in order to recognise the card as the primary audio card. I don't want to have to go through this so I really want another solution.

I want to be able to fool the internet into just outputting sound like Windows media player and all my other software do...

I use firefox 2.0 (IE dosen't work either) and spec is:

Laptop, AMD Athlon 3200, 1gb Ram, Realtek High Definition Audio Card

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

Toby Price
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does it play anything? It sounds like you can play other stuff besides websites; is this accurate?

Is this an onboard video card? If so, simply d/l the sound drivers from the mobo site. If you don't know what type of motherboard you have, you can d/l everest from and find out, and then go to their website and d/l the drivers.

If it's a separate video card that you installed, just go to the mfg's site and reinstall the drivers.

To find out what type of card you have, you can go to start > run > dxdiag > sound tab, that should tell you what you have (specifics).

Got me. I'm still not sure the driver isn't corrupted on the motherboard (the audio driver). I don't think you could hurt anything by going to the AMD site, finding your machine, your OS, and downloading new drivers for it. Just be sure to get the right ones, if that is the option you choose. You could also remove it from device manager, then have device manager look for new hardware, see if that works.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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