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The Meaning of Life...and What happens After...

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I ask this question to Everyone here...This is a question of our beliefs and i direct it to each and every one of you....This is for those who believe in life after death and for those who do not believe....This is for those who Believe in The Supreme Being...AND for those who do Not...:)

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what happens to us after our bodies give out and Die...I have so many questions but will try to make this as brief as possible...:)

Do you belive in ghosts and/or spirits ??? Do we in fact have souls ??? Each one of us will eventually Die and i was wondering what you All think about what happens to us when that time comes...:eek: :confused:

Do we just Only exist in the memories of the living ??? Do our spirits roam the gallaxy ??? Is there a Heaven and a Hell ??? Are our lives here the previously mentioned Hell ??? Has Anyone ever seen Ghosts or Felt Spirits ??? Why do we strive for the greater good if in the End there is Nothing ??? Lastly What Exactly is the Meaning of Life ???

Personally i am a spiritual person...Yet my beliefs change from time to time...i would like to have the Input from you ALL on these questions...Not just the Fanatics...;) :rolleyes: :D
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Halelujah, Mom2Inky !!!!
Welcome to the family!

What church are you attending?
LANMaster said:
How does my opinion answer anything?

I believe in the eternal soul.
Recently, both of us speculated on whether we were born aware of everything, had a soul as soon as we were conceived. Then we both speculated on what happens after death. You said that what if there was a life, before and after? If that's true, then that pretty much answers the afterlife question. But again, the problem with proving this very fact is that no one has ever come back from the for Lazarus and Christ. (Oh god, religion...I just hate religion and I try not to talk about it as much as possible...but then again, it's necessary in this case.)
I feel no matter what I believe, it falls very short of what actually is. Also, just because I believe a thing, does not automatically make it true. Unless of course, what we all believe is true, or I am one of the few (or many) that has adopted exactly what is that happens as my own belief.
So I suppose, I will or will not find out what is up after this life...regardless of what it is I think in this moment, happens.........

At least I think so.
agree--i hate the word "religion"; anyone can "get religion"; though i attend a missionary church, when asked what religion i am..i just say I am a child of Christ. I trust his word that there is a place for the soul of his children at his side. We are his life's breath (we call a soul) housed in this "container"..and his breath of life is called back at the end of our life. My grandfather told me when he was at my father's hospital bed (had a heart attack at home), they were talking and then dad stopped talking, looked away from him to the corner of the room, smiled, closed his eyes and died. My grandfather said he had a look of such peace and joy on his face. So "something" must have occurred, ya think?
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