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The Meaning of Life...and What happens After...

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I ask this question to Everyone here...This is a question of our beliefs and i direct it to each and every one of you....This is for those who believe in life after death and for those who do not believe....This is for those who Believe in The Supreme Being...AND for those who do Not...:)

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what happens to us after our bodies give out and Die...I have so many questions but will try to make this as brief as possible...:)

Do you belive in ghosts and/or spirits ??? Do we in fact have souls ??? Each one of us will eventually Die and i was wondering what you All think about what happens to us when that time comes...:eek: :confused:

Do we just Only exist in the memories of the living ??? Do our spirits roam the gallaxy ??? Is there a Heaven and a Hell ??? Are our lives here the previously mentioned Hell ??? Has Anyone ever seen Ghosts or Felt Spirits ??? Why do we strive for the greater good if in the End there is Nothing ??? Lastly What Exactly is the Meaning of Life ???

Personally i am a spiritual person...Yet my beliefs change from time to time...i would like to have the Input from you ALL on these questions...Not just the Fanatics...;) :rolleyes: :D
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PhoenixNEW said:
Qayamat is for every soul that leaves the earth.:up:
now you just stated that it is for every soul...seeing as you have all the answers can you answer this in further detail???:rolleyes:

what if we don't follow the islamic religion???? then what???:confused: :rolleyes:
anwthan-a said:
I could really have a birthday here,but I prefer to watch...and i have had too many already.:D
please...step up to the plate...all input is welcome...;) :D

and come cellebrate a birthday with me.....:p ;) :D
Teck said:
Someone's having an existential crisis. It's ok, just get the facts and make up your mind.
Humans are carbon, we live, we die and the maggots eat us.
well.....we all know that if you are buried then yes,the maggots will eventually nibble away at our bodies...:eek: ....but how about what is inside???;) :D
PhoenixNEW said:
Do what you like ? there is no compulsion to follow Islam
you dear Turkey man....You are in my thread and if you are going to post BS in my thread then you can atleast have the common courtesy to explain your BS...:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Personally i don't think that you even know what you're talking about....:rolleyes: I believe that you tramp around here with your oh so mind boggling wisdom ways and yet can not even answer a simple question as to what happens if one does not follow your faith....:rolleyes:

maybe you were abducted by one of your alien ships and have been brainwashed into thinking that you know,see and can do all..:rolleyes:

oh wise one i am at the mercy of your infinite wisdom....:rolleyes: can you speak in laymans terms and explain to me what happens if one does not believe in your remarks???:p ;) :D
PhoenixNEW said:
Dear Imperfecto,

This is one my short personal account of my family and friends. One fine day, My dad visited me for the first time at my place before he died of some unknown disease. it is not unknown but for privacy reasons I shall not disclose any contents. We went travelling together.Mom joined us with a friend of the family. I was surprised to see her come because she was feeling sick and now she was there. The strange event happened at a nursing home after 15 days where I panicked and I called all over to find out who this woman was. Anyway, I see her going through the last stages of ....r that had attacked her entire body. She looked stoned dosed with drugs and she looked like statue with me inside. The pain that she was going through was unbearable to watch and the nurse didn't want me to see her like that nor to visit her . Back home i wanted to talk to her on the phone and I said to her what I knew would be my last words to her while she was here. She died within the next week. I missed her on that day and nobody informed me about her, without having seen it for myself. I'd never will know about what was happening inside me after her death. Strange events, I haven't had many such events and messages from spirit before and now I have kept logs of them conveyed my feelings and restlessness to my family and friends as they happen and now. I believe that some spirits live here on earth and some goes some where but bodies grows for sometime then totally disappears into dust without the bones.
thank you phoenix for sharing your have provided me with a lot to think about..i whole heartedly apreciate you taking the time to explain what i needed to hear...i am just sorry that i had to get the answer in the manner in which i did...

i also have had some events similiar to yours and i can most definately relate to what you have and are still going through....thank you for explaining this in the most understandable of just moved up a rung ot two on my ladder of when are you going to tell me your first name???:D :up: :up: :D
PhoenixNEW said:
Many were laughing at us when bombs were dropped on us. We are not humans but animals.. it is okay for some civilization to live in harmony but others die ..Leaders do the talking for all their people but truly all forms of government are corrupt with not sense of decency. If some country has lots of resources others want to grab them. Yet we are called as barbarians and sick men.
UUUHHHHMMMMMmmmm....IF you don't mind since this is my thread and i have let you take it OFF TOPIC...i am going to have my say....just by reading this response i would like to add that phoenix???...

Do you think that the American people were laughing when the Terrorists highjacked two airplanes on 911 and flew one into the World Trade Center and the other into a field in Pennsylvania, USA??? Are you even Aware of that??? Or are you blinded by your own Hated of Mankind???? Do you realize how many innocent people died for No reason???

Do Not feel ALONE because you are NOT...There are still MANY families who's loved one's still have not been found....When that happened it threw our Country into a defense alert that has resulted in what is happening Today ALL over the World...

So not to be mean but you are not the only person in the world who is sufffering....And the People of whom you speak of are not that Innocent of Victims....Terror is Everywhere in all Shapes and Forms of Life... You can Not Put All Blame on the Americans and the UK for it is not our fault that Other Countries have started something that has led to what WE live in Today....

Terror has been around LONG before any war was created with Afganistan and Iraq...Just look at what MR. SH did to his OWN people...Is that NOT called TERROR??? So is this your answer to What is the Meaning of life??? and I am not picking on you because you are not the only one who feels the way you do...However you have made your Opinions known in many a thread here at TSG and if you are going to throw around your opinions the way that you have been then you are going to have to be able to deal with the opinions of Others...Can you understand what i am saying here??? Your loss was a terrible one...I can understand that...But i have had a loss of my Dear Husband because he faught in Vietnam and incurred Cancer do to trying to defend the "little guys"....Yet i know that i can not be mad at the whole world for this happening....
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Blackmirror said:
My appologies Diane
There is NO need to appologize...:) After all we are in C/D...;) :D :eek: ;) :D

You may carry on...i find this quite interesting that a Topic Thread about the Meaning of Life has taken this direction...;) :D :up:
Jonesiegirl said:
Ummm.... psssssst. 4 planes.

World Trade Center- Tower One and Tower Two.

The Pentagon.

The field in PA.

(Just for clarity, mind you. )
thank you... and why no smilies this morning????:p ;) :D
beeen up all night and am a little brain dead....:p ;) :D :D :D
anwthan-a said:
imperfeckd..noticed that too,but didn't want to embarrass you.:D
is quite embarrassment ...just very loooooong night..............;) :D :D

going to the hospital now so have fun all....:) :up:
combsdon said:
.......I believe that if I don't get it right this time I'll come back as ya know I'm trying extra, extra be good.............:D
LMAO...;) :D :D :D


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BanditFlyer said:
What I meant by posting your sig as a metaphor of the meaning of life was the role that DNA plays. Monty Python alluded to it somewhere - "Is all we are just self-replicating strands of DNA?"
does this mean that the answer is not 42???:eek: ;) :)

I'll have to come back to that. My intial reaction was "eternal, but perhaps not in the way people would like". In that death is eternal. But not life after death.
i am intrigued by your replies and am looking forward to your next visit here...:)
shamou said:
That's probably because his stuff goes over your head... just ask you secretary to translate it in simpler terms...
well....was there a need for that reply??? :eek: or are you here to give your input on the topic????:confused:

gbrumb said:
I think my secretary needs to speak with you first.
*****To Everyone.........I will not have character assassination here....if you want to do that then please do it in someone elses thread or one of your own....*****

I would like to remind you that everyones opinions are welcome here but please try to stay focussed on the question asked in the initial post....

Now please back to the Topic....:)
katonca said:
I spent some time in Arizona years ago and got to know a few Native Americans very well. The stories they would relate concerning spirits would raise the hair on your arm.
i lived in Arizona for 10 years and i would believe everything you have to tell....:eek:
katonca said:
It's a wondrous state :up:
yes it whole family is still there.....and i just moved from there...i did not like the heat but Arizona sure does have the most beautiful sunsets...:D :cool: :D
katonca said:
I enjoyed the red rock bluffs and gully washers - simply amazing to an eastern boy :up:
i'm originally from CT....i moved out there in 1993 and yes the redrock is quite a sight...had the opportunity to ride in a hotair balloon across the redrock mountains.....:cool: :up:
katonca said:
i said that :up:
hey....that was you that said that...;):up: :D but the balloon ride was like being in heaven....:D :D :D

i guess that our experiences that we have here on earth do explain what life is all about...we have to enjoy the things that we do and pass on our stories to others hoping that they can see things through our own eyes....:)

as your tale of ghost stories in Arizona made me reflect on my past experiences... i would hope that my reminiscing of my balloon ride will bring back some good memories for you as well...:)

i believe that we need to cherish our moments that we have being alive because noone truly knows what will happen when we pass...:) :up::D
BanditFlyer said:
Because life in the present tense matters. And, perhaps more importantly, because of the word "we" in that sentence. Lets say you knew you had less than 5 years to live and had no faith in any life after this one. Wouldn't you still care about your family members enough to strive for the greater good?
and what if you had no family members...what if you were alone this this vast world...???

and striving for the greater that just a society thing??? something that is "expected" of us as human beings???
BanditFlyer said:
Don't know.

No. I think it's something we strive for like we strive to breathe. I think even as individuals we strive for it.
thank you for your really and truly do have good things to say:) ...and you make some valid points....:) :up:
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