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The Meaning of Life...and What happens After...

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I ask this question to Everyone here...This is a question of our beliefs and i direct it to each and every one of you....This is for those who believe in life after death and for those who do not believe....This is for those who Believe in The Supreme Being...AND for those who do Not...:)

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about what happens to us after our bodies give out and Die...I have so many questions but will try to make this as brief as possible...:)

Do you belive in ghosts and/or spirits ??? Do we in fact have souls ??? Each one of us will eventually Die and i was wondering what you All think about what happens to us when that time comes...:eek: :confused:

Do we just Only exist in the memories of the living ??? Do our spirits roam the gallaxy ??? Is there a Heaven and a Hell ??? Are our lives here the previously mentioned Hell ??? Has Anyone ever seen Ghosts or Felt Spirits ??? Why do we strive for the greater good if in the End there is Nothing ??? Lastly What Exactly is the Meaning of Life ???

Personally i am a spiritual person...Yet my beliefs change from time to time...i would like to have the Input from you ALL on these questions...Not just the Fanatics...;) :rolleyes: :D
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We are born we struggle through life doing the best we can and then we die.. some sooner than others
I am not religious as such but i believe we do live on in the hearts and memories of those we love and who who loved us..... I still think of my great Aunt and Great Nanna with fondness 25 years after they left me..
I am still so lucky to have my parents ... i am even more blessed with my sons and husband....
It would be nice to think we go to a better place. but thats an answer no one knows for sure.... Do they???
averyeve said:
The body is separate from the mind. I believe that once our wrinkly corpse rots off, your mind/soul/existence/whatever you want to call it goes elsewhere. Not sure where, but elsewhere...
Who you calling wrinkly:p :p :p
PhoenixNEW said:
Dear Imperfecto,

This is one my short personal account of my family and friends. One fine day, My dad visited me for the first time at my place before he died of some unknown disease. it is not unknown but for privacy reasons I shall not disclose any contents. We went travelling together.Mom joined us with a friend of the family. I was surprised to see her come because she was feeling sick and now she was there. The strange event happened at a nursing home after 15 days where I panicked and I called all over to find out who this woman was. Anyway, I see her going through the last stages of ....r that had attacked her entire body. She looked stoned dosed with drugs and she looked like statue with me inside. The pain that she was going through was unbearable to watch and the nurse didn't want me to see her like that nor to visit her . Back home i wanted to talk to her on the phone and I said to her what I knew would be my last words to her while she was here. She died within the next week. I missed her on that day and nobody informed me about her, without having seen it for myself. I'd never will know about what was happening inside me after her death. Strange events, I haven't had many such events and messages from spirit before and now I have kept logs of them conveyed my feelings and restlessness to my family and friends as they happen and now. I believe that some spirits live here on earth and some goes some where but bodies grows for sometime then totally disappears into dust without the bones.
That is so sad..
i am not surprised you are so angry with the world around you
PhoenixNEW said:
Death is good for the whole humanity. it is unjust to see somebody suffer all his life. But life
is not fair to all human races. that is why I hate evolution.
Life is not fair to all races...

I agree.. no one said life was fair

It is not our fault we we born in the UK/Usa ..

It is our fault that we voted in Blair/Bush and i feel guilty at what has happened .

It is not fair that children are suffering and dying in all parts of the world through war famine or natural disasters....

There should be no human sufferings because of food shortages.. there should be no child born into despair..there should be no Wars..:down:

Do you think that we do not see the pain and suffering around the world ???

Do you think that the ordinary people in the West have no feelings

You are very wrong
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PhoenixNEW said:
Many were laughing at us when bombs were dropped on us. We are not humans but animals.. it is okay for some civilization to live in harmony but others die ..Leaders do the talking for all their people but truly all forms of government are corrupt with not sense of decency. If some country has lots of resources others want to grab them. Yet we are called as barbarians and sick men.
We had bombs dropped on us in the second world war..and my mother who was a young girl then was not laughing :down:
.by Germany.....
If the Allied Forces had not beaten Hitler who knows what would have happened...To The UK/USA and in fact the whole world

It was the threat of a Nuclear attack by USSR during the cold war that gave me a child
PhoenixNEW said:
Now it is called Islamic fascism that is the threat to the US/UK and their empires. Now ,who is laughing and crying?
The whole world cries for those lost ...
there is no answer i can give you to quench your anger..

But i know that the UK and USA will not bend to Terrorists.. wherever they come from

and there will be no hiding place for them either..

Thats how it is ....
My appologies Diane
katonca said:

We don't have to look to far to see this suffering either. In our own countries/towns many suffer needlessly. For that matter, in our own families things happen that cause undue pain and suffering. I think it's time to worry about our own first (family/countrymen) and help save the world second. Maybe not a popular notion but that's how I feel.

As far as the topic at hand, I don't like to debate my beliefs but I'll say this. I believe we were born to Heavenly parents as spirit children, chose to come to earth and gain a body, to learn all that we can which will help us grow both temporally and spiritually, to show our faith in our Heavenly Father, die and then receive our glory.
You cannot fail to be moved by news images..
i remember the famine in Africa that started Bob Geldolf on his quest for help for the people there..
i can remember cradling my newly born well fed well dressed baby son and feeling an overwhelming wave of sadness and guilt and happiness
that my son had been born to me and was not one of the half dead little waifs i was looking at
Stay away from the light !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My poor old husband was walking the dog the other night and came back as white as a sheet.....:eek: :eek:
He claimed to have seen a ghost,,
apparently the dog started barking and behaving strangely and he looked in front and there was a figure which vanished seconds later right before his eyes....
and no he had not been drinking.:D
. and my hubby did not believe in spirits until that moment

Now we live in a very haunted county of UK and i am investigating other sightings in that area out of curiousity.
. it will be the end of me:).. so who was it he saw .. i will let you know
katonca said:
I spent some time in Arizona years ago and got to know a few Native Americans very well. The stories they would relate concerning spirits would raise the hair on your arm.
I can believe that.. :D
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