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the dreaded blue screen

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in the process of reinstalling win me, i constantly encounter the same problem: File Name: VMM(12) + 00004C3C
Error : 0E: 0028: C0283C3c
when i then initiate the "press any key", the wait stage happens, i then do the Control-Alt-Delete, and in the window appears,
Msgsrv32(not responding).........and then system freezes

kindly lead me in the right direction on this one.

thanks with a star
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hi cyber........the error you get is more than likely caused by a corrupt registry.
click start/run, type "scanregw.exe"(without the quotes)click ok,when the comp asks you to save the registry answer yes,then re-boot.
post back and let us know .
good luck;)
Is this a clean install (formated) or a reinstall?

You might want to simply the hardware setup first, such as removing the sound card and installing it later.
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