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The "Be Kind to Someone" Thread

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Random is kind of boring today! :eek: So I thought I'd add a new thread on a nice subject! Take the time here to say a few kind words about someone you it another TSG member or family or friends! :)

I think that the TSG members showed great kindness to me during my recent hospitalization and ongoing recovery! :up: Cudos to all of you who were there for me and William! :) Words can't convey how deeply you have touched my heart and soul! :) (((((HUGS))))) to you all!

To Paq: It was so sweet of you to call today and I am so upset I didn't get your call! :( (Couldn't figure out why it said Bermuda call on the caller ID....but immediately thought of you and a calling card!) But the sentiments you left were wonderful and lifted my spirits so much! :) Thanks Paq! Looking forward to your next call! :) *Biggest-Hugs-n-Stuff* Love ya friend! :)

To my son William: :up: What can I say! You have been a trooper, a giant blessing and such great help to me kiddo!!! It's been a strain on you and I have felt bad for you because of your fear of me dying and for all the worry you've gone through! But you perservered and even made the honor roll under such stress and duress! :up: I am one of the proudest Moms alive because of you!!! I love you my sunny bunny! (A pet name since his first Easter!) :)

To Jody: Seems we don't see you around much anymore but I know you're there! Thanks for the lovely thoughts in your last pm Yankee Rose! :) (((HUGS)))

Enjoy the days given you everyone and make the world a better place by your being in it! Take care! angel :)
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I found these forums 3 years ago this month. I had my desk in front of an open window at the time, and had gone off to work.
It was a nice spring day and the house had been closed up all winter, what the hell.
It started raining and by the time I got home my new 1 ghz athlon machine had gotten soaked inside and out.
I didn't turn it on, but dragged the old pentium 600 out and started searching for a place that would tell me what to do about it. I thought it was RUINED.:(
I found the TSG forums, and a lady named AcaCandy told me to dry it out a few days and fire it up to see what happened.
Well, after a few tries the machine fired up and ran until just recently when a power supply and a motherboard went out together and I retired it. I still steal a part from it now and then.:)
To get to the end of this story I hang here when I can, but that time is getting short again. Summer and the hot weather mean long days for a guy that works heat and air conditioning, and the bed is always waiting when I do get home. I am a winter member more than summer, but I do like the people here. They have all been good to me.
Thanks folks.:up:
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