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That's Strange!

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I have noticed a few "strange" things lately:

1. All of a sudden, I am receiving copies of postings to forums to which I have subscribed in Random. I thought this was discontinued.

2. More seriously, I can't seem to d/l any files. When I attempt to d/l, I get a message like "can't access the file". I am running Netscape 7.1 on Windows XP home.

3. Finally, when I save files in Wordperfect as PDF files, I can read these files with Acrobat while they reside on my hard disc but when I e-mail them to myself or anyone else, I/they can't open the received files and get a message that the file is "damaged".

I have an up-to-date copy of McAfee VirusScan and have scanned a couple times over the past week and turned up nothing. I also run zone alarm.

Thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.

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The random emails has nothing to do with your system. Its something that Mike is working on after the new vb3 upgrade.

Are you able to execute the same type of file you are attempting to download ?
Do you still have the Netscape 7.1 installer file ? If not you can get it Then you can reinstall it over top of the current setup you have and it should repair itself..
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