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That's Strange!

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I have noticed a few "strange" things lately:

1. All of a sudden, I am receiving copies of postings to forums to which I have subscribed in Random. I thought this was discontinued.

2. More seriously, I can't seem to d/l any files. When I attempt to d/l, I get a message like "can't access the file". I am running Netscape 7.1 on Windows XP home.

3. Finally, when I save files in Wordperfect as PDF files, I can read these files with Acrobat while they reside on my hard disc but when I e-mail them to myself or anyone else, I/they can't open the received files and get a message that the file is "damaged".

I have an up-to-date copy of McAfee VirusScan and have scanned a couple times over the past week and turned up nothing. I also run zone alarm.

Thoughts and suggestions would be welcome.

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Thanks, Mobo.

I was attempting to d/l some freeware. I guess I am executing similar stuff in that I run the free versions of zone alarm, realplayer, etc.

Not sure what you are driving at.

Well, I just d/l adobe acrobat 6 with nary a problem. Maybe whatever it was has rexolved itself.

Thanks anyway mobo.
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