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That Flashing Blue Screen

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Hi, I know that a similar topic has been covered before - but not exactly like this one.
I am trying to back-up my Windows XP Pro with a Click-Free C6. but after the Click-free initializes and then begins searching for my programmes, after 1 minute I get an unreadable flashing blue screen and the Click Free stops and my comp reboots. My comp has been on a 'go slow' for a long time, but then it is old. Thus the reason for backing up is to save my music and photos mainly, to install into a new comp running 8.1 I must admit to being lazy as the last time I backed-up was 10 months ago, and the Click-free worked fine then. I haven't added or removed anything from XP so I'm totally at a loss. Sorry, not a young comp geek. Please help. Many thanks, in advance.
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if all you want is documents,music and pictures

Just copy them to the disk - so no need to use the clickfree software
Also you may want to copy any bookmarks for the browser you use
Desktop - if you keep files there

You wont be able to save any programs - these will need to be re-installed - IF they will work on W8

what email program are you using ?

make sure you can see the drive with windows explorer

I have not used clickfree on XP - only on Windows 7 PCs
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Thanks for your response. I typed a detailed reply, clicked on 'post' and found that I was apparently timed out. I'm using Outlook Express for email at the moment - don't know what 8.1 will be when I get it next week. Won't it take a shed full of discs for music and pics? I've never tried that before. Sorry, my era wasn't brought up with comps.
Hi, Just a little pointer till your helper returns....

etaf meant simply for you to just put the files on the clickfree external drive (which is same as a disk). Hard drive=disk, not just a DVD or CD.

You don't have to use their automatic backup, I have a CF drive and always select to not do a backup using their software....

I go to Windows Explorer, and find the corresponding entry like this: CLICK_FREE Storage (E) (the other entry is clickfree SYSTEM or "D" on mine, and that letter is their software which shows as a CD drive....not the usable storage area.

I have attached a screenshot of what my clickfree entries look like in Windows Explorer. I am using windows 8 but it looks about like what I have.

I suggest you Copy and Paste to move your files..... or, if you have experience, Cut/Paste though that can be troublesome.... copying data is far safer especially between devices.

Microsoft provides free file transfer wizards, I have used them and they work quite well.... it is more automated.... here is where to read about and get the free utility:: Transfer your data from XP to Windows 7 or 8

Regarding Outlook Express, if I were you I would install or configure Windows Live Mail when you get your new windows 8.1 machine...., here is a good place to read about how to do the install and the backing up you need to do: And remember you have to back up the XP Outlook Express data to external drive! Follow directions. There are a couple of methods, either download and install Windows Live Mail into your new computer running 8.1, or just use the 8.1 built-in Mail App and set up your account to pick up your mail. You can also Import your old data..... be sure to do that on the old XP computer first!

How to move Outlook Express data from XP to Windows 8.1


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etaf meant simply for you to just put the files on the clickfree external drive (which is same as a disk). Hard drive=disk, not just a DVD or CD.
Byteman is correct , I did mean using the clickfree data harddrive
Thanks for clarifying.
Many thanks to you both for your help. Unfortunately, much of it is beyond me so I guess I will just have to use 'Laplink' and hope for the best. I can't find a computer literate person on this small Island - the last geek I managed to seek out, to try to speed up XP said, 'Oh it needs a clean, I'll vac it'. He took my comp away and 1 week later I rang him to return it. He did, and said, that'll be £125. Wish I could make money like that. Btw, the comp wasn't any different. I think that I need to sit and watch somebody doing what is required. Thank you, again.
etaf :up:

PCMover Express is the free version, and there is the Pro version as well to consider. They do say they can export and import your Outlook Express files/data so that is a good choice for what you want to do!

Read about Laplink and PCMover Express for moving files etc from XP to new computer with windows 7, 8, or 8.1

Here> a smooth migration experience[/b][/color]

Down the page under heading see this part> Frequently Asked Questions

to read about exactly what each version does etc. Good Luck!
Thank you again. I will heed your guidance when the new comp arrives. I won't bore you with the details but the XP Pro is distinctly heading for the bin after a whole day spent 'playing' with Clickfree 6. It now doesn't work at all. I connect it, it says 'loading', then a million dialogue boxes saying, FullImagingService.exe has encountered a poblem and needs to close....sorry for the inconvenience' I say 'a million' because they pile on top of each other and won't close down. I then go and stop them one by one in Task Manager. Anyway, goodbye Clickfree 6, you're uninstalled, and would you believe - it won't reinstall. Thank you, again.
Sorry the ClickFree drive is causing such a problem. You apparently initially used it to create full system backups, and somehow it is "stuck" in that mode.... I would say don't use it anymore, perhaps when you get the new computer it will act better. These drives can be reset, but doing that will probably cause you to lose the saved files on it.

My ClickFree software always started up to do a backup but I found the settings to change that so the drive just acts like a standard USB storage drive. In some cases you can format the ClickFree to remove all the software they come with.....maybe in time after you get the new computer you can try some of that for the external drive. Formatting would also result in any saved files on it to be "erased"
And you need to save the files you want that are still on the XP hard drive so you should wait for the Laplink and new computer to continue. Best of luck.
Thanks so much, Byteman. I will follow your instructions when the comp arrives but hope that the Clickfree does contain my original backup as that was the reason for purchasing. I know that the Clickfree was on Drive:H, but now I haven't even got a Drive:H. Things are not looking good but I can only try. Many thanks, again. I will come back and let you know if I'm up and running.
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