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Thanks Techguy For The Upgrade

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Well done Mike :up: Sure we all appreciate the hard work and effort put into this upgrade :up: Now get some shuteye ;)

PS - When it says in a post "Today" ... Here it is "Tomorrow" :D

Regards - Oldie
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Mulder said:
Actually, Oldie, if you have you're time zone set properly here on TSG, it should properly display the "Today" for your time zone.
Thanks Chris. Can I take it that you and myself may well have a rapport going :eek:

Will leave as is with time thing. Prefer to stay ahead of you guys ;)

Regards - Oldie (Bill) :)
But seriously - this thread was intended as a serious thanks to Mike and whoever were involved in the smooth upgrade.

Many headaches involved I can assure you :eek:

Many thanks - Oldie
Shadow Bea said:
And You probably are! LOL :p ;)
Hi - but you girl - yes

Thank you :D
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Shadow Bea said:
Therefore that's it Shadow - by definition you (of the feminine gendre) are ahead of those that are guys ( of the masculine gendre ) by way of intellect ... ...

Jean Paul Sartre :D ( Alias Oldie )
Tuppence2 said:

Having problems. Can't get to some of the threads, Fun Game and Coffee Shop in particular, but others as well. I've sent one error message I received to Candy. Threads hang and won't load. Hope it's my computer and not the site. I find the white background between posts very bright on my eyes, is there an option to change the background colour?

Penny. :)

Penny. :)
Have bumped this to aid our Penny - cannot do without this Lassies input :D

Have you tried a clean sweep? including cookies?

Help this Lady guys ;)

1 - 6 of 27 Posts
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