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Thanks For Playing!

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Thanks for playing guys (and gals), but the banner at the top of the page says " I " won. I would like to thank you all, and please play again :D :D :D ...Rhett
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what?? How can that be... it said "I" won

Savvy :)
That damn thing was driving me nuts flashing and I had to use the stop button on each page to stop it.

It's not flashing anymore so thanks for winning rhettman5. I hope it was lots of money my dear buddy:D You want my xmas list now?
That is without a doubt a very irritating banner.:mad:
thanks for winning rhettman5. I hope it was lots of money my dear buddy You want my xmas list now?
Well, lets see, My winnings weren't nearly as much as I hoped and seeing as I have almost 29000 "good buddies" at this site, I guess" Merry Christmas to you and yours" will have to do !

So, hold the list, or better yet, lets have a list of 1 thing you really want !
I'll start : A Satellite provider, such as direcpc or starband !

( next) :) ...Rhett
Better yet, how about a new post to cover this topic, rhett?

I created one!
Originally posted by DoyceJ
That is without a doubt a very irritating banner.:mad:
Dark Star turned me on to this one and it works for me.
All I get now are white boxes instead of flashing banners.
It requires a little configuration.

AZ that's me

I've been looking to find one of those programs that works best... just downloaded this one and I think I will go with this one. Yes... that is a very annoying banner and I see it all over the web...

none of you won because it said I won...

BTW... are people stupid enough to get suckered into clicking on that? Well second thought, I guess it's possible that I might once in my lifetime click on it just to see just what the hell they are trying to do so I guess nevermind... nonetheless I feel it is unaffect advertise and laugh at them for doing it... :D as I do with all local tz commercials here, they are really bad too... :rolleyes:
Just copy the banner ip addy and paste it into your restricted sites section under internet security properties
hummm... I never thought of that. There are really only a hand full that come up over the internet, so that wouldn't be too time consuming to tackle.

OK... have already started putting in sites... you're a life saver brian... although it was fun to hit the "kill button" on my mouse to get rid of it, in this case the less the merrier I say. :)

Ok then but hey I am happy with the new PC I got. That's my xmas to myself.:D :)

Your on dial up and can't get cable or DSL I guess and want a Satellite provider I guess.

Wow Waverly, WA...pop.100 :)
Peaceful town I bet.
Yes indeed !

Waverly is a small farming community south of Spokane, about 30 Mi.

Very quiet, but only 40 minutes to Work (Spokane) Only drawback is no dsl or cable,dial-up is slow 26,400 kps, so Sattelite is only real choice, but , I have never had a fast connection, so I will endure til the money tree blooms :)...Rhett
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