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testing camera

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first time i had a good chance to take some pics with my new camera. in the back yard. i didn't have my tripod so i couldn't zoom in to much.


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Hi wilson

What kind of camera?

looks like you need to fiddle with the white balance setting... snow is supposed to be white I thought...

tripod is not always necessary... rest the camera on the roof of your car or on a stump or fence post... you get the idea...

Knotbored said:
Fun pictures, but do play around with software to see how you can refine things. I played a tiny bit with freeware IRFANVIEW gamma settings and resaved one of your pictures as JPG.
I have to ask why you would even post that picture...:rolleyes:

Knotbored said:
Note yours is 1100K mine is 14K
no kidding... never would have guessed...
Hi there Knotbored

Sorry if that was rude.... When I do contribute here at the TSG Childrens Camp my comments will be PG-13 but honest... see how long that lasts... :rolleyes:

How is the testing going wilson? :)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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