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Tell a bad processor?

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Just wondering have a computer that i am building, i plug/install everything and turn it on. All fans kick on and what not. Dosnt sound like the hard drive is kicking on but there is no video. I took the card out put it in a working system and it was working alright. Ideas? So would it be a burnt out processor?

AMD Athlon 2600
64meg DDR Nvidia
40gig Maxtor Harddrive
512 SDram
Abit Kt-7 raid board

This will just be a server system nothing special.
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-Nope, no beeps at all. no such luck
-Yes i have installed everything my self
-Lights turn on.
I probally should of specified that. my bad
Did the jumpers every thing checks out there, same with video card, standoff are correctly installed. cpu check heatsink check
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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