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technology = medicine why

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Why is it that from 1900 to 2004 there has ben major advances in science,space,technology,aviation so on but medicine very little .Like cancer,tumor,illness ,old age look,gray hair,wrinkle,diseases ,cancer,heart disease, muscle problem,bone problem,tissues problem,lungs problem,stomach problem,blood vessels or blood problem,Prostate problem,Breast Cancer,Lung Cancer,Colorectal Cancer,Lymphoma,Bladder problem,Uterine problem,Skin problem,Kidney problem,Pancreatic problem,TB problem so on :eek:
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There has been much progress made in the detection and treatment of diseases....cancer being one of them...look at all the research at St. Jude's Children's Hospital...years ago a large majority of the children with leukemia and other childhood cancers died...had it not been for the medical advances at St. Jude's a large number of children would also have died during our lifetime....but they are now being put into long remissions and even cures. The bone marrow transplant has been a miracle and a lifesaver! :up:
Actually bone marrow transplants and stem cell research aren't based on finding medications to treat disease. Stem cell research is so promising...if it is ever allowed to continue by the's a touchy issue!
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