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After you got got your new software I seen that after I make a post it takes a very long to see the post. Will I have been looking and it's upload a lot from my PC each time I post.

So just what info. is it getting from my PC?
It looks like a full upload too.
Here is one of the screen shots and it does not so all of it either.
I can stop it I think if I hit the stop button but the all the icon etc. never show up. And 95% of the time I have to hit the stop buttom or the post will never show up.

It is getting more then just cookie info. from my PC and A LOT more.
It's just your site that does it and it started like I said after you upgraded the software and only does it when I make a post.

Makes me feel like your new software is acting like spyware each time I post.


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Very strange... I'm not seeing that at all. What browser are you using? Anyone else?

You sure it's not just a java ad loading or something?

[edit: tried with IE5 and IE6]
The only time I see a long delay times in uploading a post is when the thread is very active and I suspect I am hitting the thread at the same time others are processing. Otherwise OK. IE 5.5.

It is Very strange.
I just posted in the "the annoying flashing banner" thread and it seam to work ok in that post. I will keep my eye on it and post back if it starts up again.

Now I use Netscape 4.70 and keep the java off.
Doing everything the same as always. It had started like I said after your software upgrade.
And only happens here. I have made no changes to anything on my PC.
OK here is what it is like now and the last two post seam to be ok.

Much better as you can see from the screen shot.


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Now the response time has always been slow at this site as you can see here in this screen shot.

But look at the address on the 2nd line.
That is the only time I ever seen the address.

It's always the that I see.

So maybe that address made all the trouble posting. Who knows but seeing the uploads I would not think that would have anything to do with the address.


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All of the logo pics have always loaded from (not forums)... maybe this is why you can't see the logos, either... your machine isn't getting to ?
I see the logo is back now and was here last night also. The pages load fast now too. But I am on a new PC so that's why I see things load fast.
The speed part is me. That old P-200,96 MB ram, 2 MB video card and 28 k modem with Windows 95a was just very slow.
So much better with AMD XP 256 DDR, 64 MB DDR video and 56 K modem with Windows 98SE. Like WOW the speed is so very nice. Just need cable now.:D

So the only thing that is not right still is I see the code or part of the code for the ad up top.
The add is on the left side with this to the right of it. border="0" width="468" height="60" alt="Please support our sponsor.">

The ad at the bottom is center and the other small ad from is on the right side.
Just got a notice that there is a bug in the new software that causes some older browsers to not read the entirety of the script tag in headers... I'll be updating it again within the next 48 hours.


There are a lot of us out here with Netscape 4.70.
You think they have it so all Netscape 4.xx work.

I think the logo bug is when I come here to the main page the first time and if it does not load right then the logo will not show up on any of the pages. Your logo shows two icons now and the one on the left (corner1.gif) so no link when I do a mouse over but the right (menu_logo1.gif)one shows it's linked to.

Thanks again.
Well, I upgraded the software again yesterday and they say that there are no more existing issues with Netscape. I tried it in my Netscape 6.0 and it runs fine. Are you still having issues? Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes and No!

Yes the top ad is center now and the code is gone that way by it.

No when I come here and got to the main page it loads to top of the page only and it the netscape taskbar it always stops at 7% but once I hit the stop button the page will load ok and just the logo is gone.
All the info. on me on the main page is right so that is good.
I mean "The time now is 12:11 AM."
"You last visited: 11-20-2001 12:29 AM"
and so on.

So it works and if I am the only one this is happing to then hey don't worry about it.

Have a good Thanksgiving TG.


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Maybe you missed when I asked before, but it looks like your machine isn't accessing ? If that's the case, you probably have a bad HOSTS file, Internet speed program, or ISP problem...
Well the forum is not at but at see screenshot and highlights.

I delete my Netscape.hst file each day and am always clear the cache also.

This all start whe your site changed the ads.
But look at the screen shot and the ad is not center but it is now center at the forum.


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Is anyone else having these problems? I'll try to find an old version of Netscape tomorrow and see if I can duplicate this...
I'm using NS 4.78 and everything comes up fine.

Have you tried deleting your Cache folder?
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