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TCP ports

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there are a lot of computers trying to connect to my pc, Zone alarm only gives me a large list of ip's if i try to see what it was that tried to connect, nothing? In about 24 hours i got about 600 messages of something tried to access the internet, and about 200 something tried to connect to my computer. how can i find out what it is that is trying to access my pc. is this something that i should be worried about? anyone?
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ZoneAlarms "more info" tab will explain some of that to you. In general these are not specific attempts to hack in to your pc, but internet activity which randomly "bounces" off your ports. You'll get used to it. I've turned off the popup alerts and the logs and I just let ZA do its thing. It's good to monitor list from time to time to see if there is anything trying to connect FROM your pc to the internet. That should be looked into, but somtimes it is just the result of certain cookies.

If you want to investigate further, you would have to familiarize yourself with the particular ports associated with certain trojans and worms, and you can get a good idea of how much of that is going around in cyber space.
I'll have to agree with Rollin Rog - alot of what you get are people just scanning ports looking for one that is open. The more info button (if you have the bought version - I have Zone Alarm Pro 2.6.362) will send you to a page to where it tells you your ip addy along with the ip addy of who tried to connect to you. Then (with the bought version) you can hit Whois and it will give you information on their server and who to contact if you think they were really trying to harm your computer. I run Morpheus and it sends Zone Alarm into a frenzy whenever it looks for stuff for people to download. Everytime it scans my computer I get 5 - 10 messages. Most are nothing to worry about. I have had some people looking to see if Sub7 was active or trying FTP ports. That's the ones I would look into.

Hope this helps!!


I don't get worried anymore. I used to use Atguard, and that had this annoying popup screen, a wizard, to let you block stuff permantly or temporaly. I had a continous stream for about ten minutes. That shut me down, but afterwards, I just blocked permantly.

The good thing with ZA, is that it does it all for you. Even the trojan scans are nothing to be worried about, as they scan multiple IP addresses all the time.

If you are worried at any time, go to and use Test My Shields and Probe My Ports.

Also, most inbounds are on, say port 80 or 8080, which is HTTP ports. This is really happening bigtime after the NIMDA and CodeRed viruses.


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