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Tables without borders in Word 2019

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Greetings to all
I have office 2019 installed on my laptop. When I create tables, they have no borders. I have to manually put the borders. Is it a configuration issues, a bug or something?
Can someone help. It's very annoying to keep on selecting borders manually, especially when you work with tables everyday
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Or draw a table
in the table go to Layout>Properties>Borders and shading and make sure All is picked.
That's what I have been doing which is not what is normal. I think it is normal that when you insert a table, you see the table. I tried repairing word but nothing changed.
Did you do the online repair?

To confirm, when you go to the border options, is it set to No border and/or have no colour?
Edit: You can make one of the templates as the default. In the table, Table Design should show. Right click on the first one (black lines) and then choose Set As Default, then choose All Documents. See if that helps.

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Greetings Couriante. Sorry I did what you said but nothing happened. Tables still insert without borders
Go to C:\Users\user name\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates

Rename Normal.dotm to Normal.dotm.bak

Run Word to recreate Normal.dotm

See if you are still having the problem.

If you want you can go back and restore the original Normal.dotm file
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