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System Volume Information folder taking up over 10GB of space

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This is really bothering me. I disabled the System Restore function, but my SVI folder still contains over 10GB of data! And I find it hard to believe that the indexing service uses up this much space... so, what can I do to free up all this space?
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Try running Disk Cleanup and click the second tab. Opt to remove all except the last of your restore points.
And by all means, turn of disk indexing! It's the most useless option I've ever seen. :)
I've tried Disk Cleanup, but it freezes every time. I mean, I can click cancel, but it doesn't make any progress in checking how much free space that can be cleared up. I've even tried leaving it on over-night, and the green progress bar still doesn't go up even by a notch.
This is a good program for cleaning the crap out of your computer: CCleaner.
If you want to use Disk Cleanup, try this:

Run regedit.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Version\Explorer\Volumecaches\Compressoldfiles

Right-click "Compressoldfiles" and delete it.

Try Disk Cleanup again.
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