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System Tray - W2K

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I have a new PC and it came with W2K ( I was too chicken to get XP).

At the bottom right of the task bar (system tray?) there are some programs running such as the MSN Messenger service (which I don't use), and some other programs. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get those things off of there

I tried the Start Menu - but that wasn't it and when I right click to close or exit - they are back when I re-boot. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of them?

Also, can anyone point me to a site that helps people going from W98 to W2K. Like one of those "Where did my files go" type things.

Thanks for your time, I feel like Rainman here.

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The other OS used to have MSCONFIG, so that you could remove the programs at startup. win2000 dosen't have it. However, installing this does:

Just install it, then go to Run and type MSCONFIG. Go to Startup tab, and uncheck those you don't want. If you're unsure, post the list and we'll go through it.


Thanks Eddie, I'll try it.
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