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I have a computer problem I would like help with:

System information: I have Windows 98. I use all Microsoft Office products. I have a DSL line. Internet Explorer is my browzer.

The symptoms:
1. After my computer has been on for a while, my system slows way down. My mouse cursor sometimes will not move for several seconds.
2. Typing can be very slow (in all applications), and sometimes the letters I type on the keyboard do not appear on the screen. When I backspace or delete, the corrections take a long time and sometimes do not register.
3. When this problem started, another problem started. The clock will lose a lot of time, a few minutes every hour. But then when I reboot, the clock corrects itself.
4. When I reboot, the problem goes away for a while, then comes back.
5. I tried degragmenting the hard drive, but the "% complete" indicator indicated "0% complete" even after 15-20 minutes.
6. I did a virus scan, and no viruses were found. I have not done a "live update" with my Norton Antivirus for a few days.

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