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System slowdown, Intolerably slow mouse, etc.

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I have a computer problem I would like help with:

System information: I have Windows 98. I use all Microsoft Office products. I have a DSL line. Internet Explorer is my browzer.

The symptoms:
1. After my computer has been on for a while, my system slows way down. My mouse cursor sometimes will not move for several seconds.
2. Typing can be very slow (in all applications), and sometimes the letters I type on the keyboard do not appear on the screen. When I backspace or delete, the corrections take a long time and sometimes do not register.
3. When this problem started, another problem started. The clock will lose a lot of time, a few minutes every hour. But then when I reboot, the clock corrects itself.
4. When I reboot, the problem goes away for a while, then comes back.
5. I tried degragmenting the hard drive, but the "% complete" indicator indicated "0% complete" even after 15-20 minutes.
6. I did a virus scan, and no viruses were found. I have not done a "live update" with my Norton Antivirus for a few days.

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It sounds as if you have a resource problem. As you open more programs and do more work your resources are slowly being depleted to the point where the system cannot allocate resources to any one function. This is generally due to the amount of programs that are running in background and the accumulation of other program loose ends and temp files used during a session.
First order of business is to clean up your system and make sure you do not have any defective areas on your drive.
Go to Start/run and type in *.tmp and hit enter. once search is complete hit edit and select all. After all are selected hit file and select delete. Next go to Internet explorer and select internet options and click delete temporary internet files. Select all off line content and hit enter. On same screen select and delete history files. Exit IE. Then turn off all power management functions if you have them through the control panel and make sure they are all set to never.
Turn off screensavers if they are on.
Start in safe mode by restarting system and holding the F8 key down until you get the selection screen that has safe mode listed.
Once in safe mode do a through scan disk fixing errors automatically. After scandisk completes do a defrag. After Defrag
has completed and system is rebooted and back to normal go to start/run and type in msinfo32 and hit enter. Select the startup area and click edit select all and edit again and copy.
Now come back here and post the information that you copied from the msinfo screen. We can help you in removing some start up items that are not necessary for continual running in background.
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