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System Restore Tip (RE Booting Problem)

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I don't recall the source from where I copied this, as I saved it as a Word Doc a while ago.


Going back in time using the System Restore feature in
Windows XP requires that you get into Windows. What do
you do if your computer simply refuses to boot up. What
if you can't even get your computer into Safe mode? Here's
how to get to System Restore through the DOS interface.

Press the F8 key when your computer starts up. You may
have to tap the F8 key frequently to get to the special
menu. Once the menu displays, select Safe Mode with
Command Prompt. If you have to log on, log on as Administrator.

At the DOS prompt, type "%systemroot%\system32\restore\rstrui.exe"
(without the quotes) and then press the Enter key. This brings
up the System Restore feature in Windows. You can now go back to
a previous Restore Point where everything worked correctly.
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I don't know. Looking at the title, I would guess not. However, I can't see what harm it would do to try.

I've actually never tried it myself (I have XP). I disabled System Restore a while back, as I purchased GoBack (Deluxe). One of the reasons I love GoBack so much is the fact that it loads before Windows. I guess that's not such a big deal anymore. ;)
If you have defragged before, while GoBack had been running, I think that can cause it to take forever to disable or uninstall, because it has to remove all of the restoration points.
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