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system resources

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Is there anyone can tell me how to free up my system resources.

I am running windows 98 2nd Edition
I have 128.0mb RAM which should be enough to run multiple programs.

Here is an example of my problem:

Lets say I have two programs open. After a short period of time my system resources go way down. Even if I close down all my programs it doesn't free up and I have to do a restart.
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Welcome to TSG!

to free up resources you need to start by cleaning up and eliminating things that windows loads at startup.

1. START--Run "msconfig" (without quotes)
2. on the geral tab choose "Selective Startup"
3. UNCHECK the "Process config.sys file"
4. UNCHECK the "Process autoexec.bat file"
5. change to the startup tab

click "Apply, Close, then YES or OK to restart.
your system will startup much faster and you will have plenty of resources AVAILABLE.

Tip: As you are going through the list of items on the startup tab...anything that you are not sure what it on by the filenale and you should find wht it is.

Good Luck!

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In the MSCONFIG startup tab, leave ScanRegistry, SystemTray, and your anti-virus program checked. You can probably get away with unchecking most of the other items. Apply the changes, then reboot.

A bloated startup load will cause a lot of problems and drain your computer's performance.

Frank's Windows 95/98 Tips:)
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