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System not booting up after installing core 2 quad q8400

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Recently I bought a core 2 quad q8400 for my old pc with specs -
Core 2 duo e4300
4gb + 2gb ram
G41 cmb motherboard
Gt 610 2gb
1tb hdd

So when I installed to the c2q q8400 to same specification. My system was not booting up. Then I again put the previous processor it worked fine. So I put the 4gb ram out then system booted up with c2q q8400 then again. I removed the 2gb and installed 4 gb it didn't booted up. I switched the slots too but didn't work. Please help.
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Switching the processor will definitely improve speed and performance. (y)

Unfortunately, I can't find a support site for the "G41 cmb" motherboard, so I can't determine if it supports the Q8400. :unsure:

You need to provide a more detailed description of the motherboard.

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G41 is the chipset used on the board. You need to post the exact motherboard you are using ie Asus xxx123 or whatever. If this is by chance a big box system ie dell, hp, etc, the ONLY place you will find out if a processor is supported is from the mfg.
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Its from a brand name consistent and product id cmb-g41
Well then you have your answer. You need to contact the mfg. Many times smaller system builders will use a msi board, an asus board, etc however those boards are mfg to the system builder's specs and very often have a crippled version of the bios.
Generally [however not always] unless the processor you want to install was an option at the time you purchased the system, then you are out of luck.
No big box mfg has any vested interest in you doing an upgrade. They would MUCH rather sell you a new system. Because of that, bios updates to support new processors are pretty much non-existent.
The Intel Consistent CMB G41 (Model # CMB-G41) motherboard appears to sell in India.

I still can't find any support site for it.

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