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System Image back up question

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Hello people,

When trying to create Image Disc and Repair disc on Windows 7 backup menu I recieve the message:

System repair disc could not be created. The media's speed is incompatible with the device. This may be caused by using higher or lower speed media than the range of speeds supported by the device (0xC0AA020F)

The discs I am using are

1. Verbatime DVD- R DL for DATA 8.5 GB 8x

and to make a Repair disc I'm using

2. Verbatim CD - R 700MB 48x

I also use I tunes for importing an occasional music CD. Would I need to uninstall or disable I tunes?

Thanks in advance for any light you can throw on this topic,

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Just to clarify:
You are following these steps
and when you click Create disc, you get an error?

I found two things to do if you are using WMP to do the burn:
check the option apply volume leveling across tracks
on more burn options uncheck use media information to arrange files in folders on the disc.

You might also try a different burning program. I use ImgBurn.
Thank you very much

I'll now go through the above guides. There are no tracks since I am trying to back up data. I am not using Windows Media Player. I am using the automated back up tools provided. Windows should allow me to make system image and repair discs without having to but third party software. But I will check the recommendation you provide and see if can do anything if all else is lost.
I do not use the Windows backup tools. There are better FREE tools out there that you can use.

Perhaps someone who uses a free imaging tool will chime in. (I use a paid program so I'll keep quiet).
I use Macrium Reflect free to make Images :-
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I use Macrium Reflect free to make Images :-
I thank you a lot, guys as I know how busy you are. I will follow up the freeware tools but I in my experience when I used a free download I also got a redirect malware which almost completely screwed up everything. However, you are the trusted experts I know.
And that is one of the reasons I never majored in computer science. Just hate the lack of humanity in the IT world.
The link in my post #5 is safe, it goes to the software maker's website.

Always go to the maker's website to download software and if any other software is offered, like browser search bars etc, check them out and refuse them if you don't want them.
I use the FREE version of AOMI Partition Assistant.
A tip on avoiding hidden ride along toolbars you find in freeware, is to ignore the "Express Install" (recommended) and using "Custom Install" instead. The Express Install is usually where you end up with the hidden extras being installed as well. The manufacturers site is always the best place to get software, but there are a few safe places that usually link to the manufacturers site as well as their own. Major Geeks, Filehippo (great if you need older versions for some reason), (open source software) and for making movies and such. Avoid anyplace that requires you to sign up and those that pay to jump to the top of the search list like Softonic and Download.Cnet.
When using Windows to do your back up look for the write speed setting and use x16 for CD's or x4 for DVD's it sounds like Windows or you are choosing a speed that either the disc or Optical drive doesn't support.
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i think for personal use , no need to use third party software . the free windows is ok . :LOL: . but if you want a nice System Image backup then you can use 3rd party software. like EaseUS and Acronis
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