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I have Diamondcs program called Port Explorer that allows me to view processes, sockets, ports, etc. When viewing Port Explorer I'll see...
> Process.......SYSTEM
> ProcessID.....0 (zero)
> Protocol.....TCP
> Local
> Local Port.........3792
> Remote Port........80
> Remote Address.....
> Country............United States
> Question...When right clicking the process I am not allowed to block the
process or block the socket. How do I stop this process?

> TASK MANAGER shows process "0" to be "System Idle Process" and does
not allow me to end the process.
> I have found "" and "" in the remote address box on different occasions.

> I have Windows XP..SP1
> Norton Antivirus
> Zonealarm Pro
> Wormguard
> TDS-3
> RegistryProt
> Pestpatrol
> Spybot

All programs are updated and set using maximum sensitivity.. and all scans
show nothing. I don't have a clue as to what to do to prevent this
intrusion. How is it possible for System Idle Process to be used in this
manner? Your suggestions would be welcome!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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