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System Freeze, search for the cause

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Hey Guys,

i am putting all my hope in you now and this is my first post so please be nice to the bloody noob.
Few days ago my computer started to freeze randomly when playing games especially in the lobby or at the loading screen, several times it worked tho.

My first thought was that the graphics card (Radeon R9 270) has an issue so i replaced it by an older one i still had (GeForce GT 630).

Now i was able to play all the games and the system was stable until i wanted to update my systems drivers.
Each time i want to update the chipset drivers, the computer freezes, and i dont talk about blue srceen of death, it just freezes at the current frame and all sound stops.

Please gods of the computerworld, enlight me with your thoughts! :*

My specs:

CPU: i7 2600 3.4 GHz
Mainboard: Packard Bell ixtreme M5860
RAM: 16 Gb DDR3 665.1 Mhz
Graphics Card: First: AMD Radeon R9 270
Replacement: Nvidia Georce GT 630
Power Supply: Corsair CX600 (600W)
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--- SOLVED ---

The tool "speccy" gave me a good insight:

CPU CORE 0.960 V
+3.3V 2.904 V
+5V 4.939 V
+12V 11.616 V
-12V -8.880 V
-5V -8.880 V

obviously the motherboard is broken
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